Tips For Digital Nomads Who Work On a Computer All Day Long


Some say that sitting is the new smoking.

Think about it, the human body was never designed to sit in a stationary position all day long, day after day. While it’s certainly been a few generations since the average person was expected to fight for his or her own survival, but we certainly were never designed to remain stationary in front of glowing screen for the majority of our lives!

guy working on a laptop

However, there are increasing numbers of us who are making our dreams come true working in front of a laptop all day long (hint hint digital nomads). While there are certainly physical side effects that come from working over a laptop all day long, the benefits are truly worth it, and working on a portable desktop is the crux of the digital nomad lifestyle.

The Upside

We can go on and on about the upside of living and working in a country like Thailand or Nicaragua. Very affordable standard of living and access to internet and gorgeous weather make these easy examples of justification of the digital nomad lifestyle.

It’s more than just the benefits of cheap rent that drive us to take the challenge, it’s the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of adventure!

The Down side

There a number of physical conditions that are associated with working on a computer all day. Carpal tunnel syndrome, eye problems and even digital amnesia (you may have to look that last one up).

Think about the physical environment you occupy on a daily basis as a digital nomad. Chances are you’re somewhere warm, near the ocean and working from an Internet café or a shared work space, which have become rather popular. You can even check out this list of 20 digital nomad specific work environments!

Even in a coworking space the chances of you having a highly ergonomic setup is very rare. So one of the biggest and most important factors to consider of your work health is your physical posture when you work online for hours at a time.

How To Feel Good When Working On a Computer All Day

Developing a workout routine can be imperative to counteracting all the negative damage of being hunched over a laptop.

In case you haven’t worked out in the past, there are many workouts you can do without any exercise equipment, giving you no excuse why you can’t get a 45 minute workout every other day on the beach.

While you don’t need to pay for expensive equipment, it can be a good idea to develop a workout routine with the advice of a professional before you go away. Whether you prefer a boutique fitness studio or happen to have a friend who can help you, developing a strategy is key. Work on exercises that encourage core strength and provide the opportunity to stretch out problem areas like tight shoulder and wrists.

Easy To Do Exercises

Free weight body exercises like planks and pushups are great ways to build muscle and tone your core, and this is just the beginning of the options you have at your disposal. Working with your personal trainer or someone close to you and identify your problem areas can also help you get ahead of the game and prevent problems before they get much worse.

For example, wearing tennis elbow wraps on the forearms is a great way to help prevent wrist flare ups from repetitive stress syndrome. There are several exercises that help alleviate this condition and prevent it from worsening.

Take the time to make a workout plan that fits your personal needs and you can enjoy the good life pain free!