Ten of the Best Apps for Digital Nomads

Ten of the Best Apps for Digital Nomads


As a digital nomad, there are a few things you need out of your apps.

First, you need apps that will help you with your work. Apps that will help you organize your time and make working tasks easier.

Second, you need apps that will help with your travel, and make that easier. From finding the best flights, to finding accommodation and where to get food!

Here are the 10 best apps for making life easier for digital nomads:

1. Trello

Trello is simple to use and will help keep you organized. It helps keep track of all your business projects, and makes it easy to collaborate, because you can exchange notes with clients or coworkers. It is also has good project management software that is free.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor will help you with your time management. It tracks daily tasks and prepares and sends bills automatically. This app reminds you to stay focused on work when you get distracted.

3. Focus@will

When you work remotely, you are often working in places like cafes, airports or train stations, where it is busy and noisy and it can be hard to concentrate.

Focus@will gives you a selection of white noise and simple tunes that won’t distract you and will cover up background noise so that you can concentrate better.

4. Trail Wallet

You can lose track of daily expenses when you are travelling. This is an expense tracking app that will help you set daily budgets, even tracking your expenses in different currencies.

5. Tripit

Tripit is a free travel planner that organizes all the digital travel documents you need to access like booking confirmations and hotel addresses. It even works without an internet connection!

6. Hopper

Pick a destination, and a calendar shows you the best time to book a ticket! It calculates when prices will rise or fall. This will save you money.

7. Every Time Zone

Just check this app if you are in a different time zone than your clients or friends and family. This will help you meet deadlines and avoid having to make calculations just to call people.

8. HotelTonight

This app has access to lots of deals all over the globe. It’s a same day hotel booking app that will get you a place to stay at the last minute.

9. Google Translate

This app will help you with translation, though the grammar is not perfect. Its best feature is that once it is downloaded you can use it as a dictionary offline.

You can scan text with your phone camera so you don’t need to type words in to get the translation.

10. Workfrom

This app is perfect for digital nomads because it shows you cafes, pubs and restaurants that have good wi-fi connection to work from. It also includes meal options and prices should you decide to eat there, with tips about noise range and atmosphere.

These apps will help you travel and do your work, so that you have more time to enjoy the adventure!