Remote Work is a Popular Perk

Remote Work is a Popular Perk


Remote work is becoming more commonplace than ever. Remote work increased 115% between 2005 and 2015, and the numbers are growing thanks to advances in technology that make it easier.

Here are 7 benefits that make working remotely most requested perk:

1. A Better Work/Life Balance

It used to be that the only way to get work done was to go to an office and work there. With new technology, working outside the office is an option, leading to a better work/life balance.

When you balance your work and your life, you are healthier, happier and more productive. You’ll save time on the commute, and add hours back into your life. Also, commuting is stressful!

2. The Money Savings

The first and most obvious savings are the commuting savings, which are substantial.

But there are other ways you’ll save. You don’t have to have both office clothes and regular clothes, and when you make your own coffees and lunch, you save big.

3. Your Home Office Space can be Set Up to Your Liking

Do you like to work with pictures of loved ones around you, with plants and snacks? You can do that, without complaints from fellow workers.

And you can play any music you like, as loud as you like. It’s your office. And you get to decide what makes you productive.

4. Your Office is Mobile and can be Anywhere

Lots of people opt like working from a coffee shop, where you are with people but don’t have to interact with them if you don’t want to.

If you are travelling, you can use that time to work. Thanks to long lasting laptop batteries, you can take your computer outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

5. Freedom

You can choose how you get your work done, without having to request time off. This allows you to prioritize how you spend your time. If you need to be home when your children are off school, no problem.

This allows workers to work when they are most productive. For those night owls, no more fighting your own inner clock by starting at 8:00am.

Even if you have to stick to specific hours, you can use your break time how you would like.

6. You will Communicate More Effectively

Because you can’t just turn around the corner and talk to a fellow worker, you think about it more and are more careful when it is necessary to communicate. When composing a message or planning a meeting you are more inclined to save time by refining what you need to say.

7. Goodbye, Office Politics

This is a huge advantage that everyone can get behind. Because you aren’t forced into relationships because of office space, and there isn’t a chance to indulge in idle gossip when hanging around chatting in a break room, there is a lot less chance for toxic office politics.

People are looking at the benefits of working remotely and asking for it as a perk. Employers benefit too, because they have happier employees.