Top Careers for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads Who Want to Leave the Office Life

The Top Careers for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads Who Want to Leave the Office Life


Finding the best careers for remote workers is not as difficult with more businesses shifting their focus online. Just remember to consider the ups and downs of working from home – it’s not for everyone!

9 of the Top Careers for Remote Workers

There are numerous careers for remote workers in the age of the digital nomad. But working from home during the pandemic might convince people to continue doing so when restrictions are lifted. For digital nomads, here are some of the best careers for remote workers:

  1. Social Media Manager

This position entails keeping track of your client’s online presence via their social media. Managing might include anywhere from scheduling content, engagement, to developing a long-term marketing strategy.

  1. Recruiter

Find and screen potential candidates for clients by writing descriptions for job postings and then contacting applicants for interviews. Then just send the best candidates to your client for their consideration.

  1. Copywriter

Businesses are always looking for more content for their websites strategically using keywords to improve their Google ranking. Copywriting topics can vary, but all are written to persuade the writer to act – whether it’s to buy a product, call a service, or visit another webpage.

There are also technical writing opportunities online that help clients write instructions, manuals, legal documents, and the like. It fits best for people who already have knowledge in the field.

For a digital nomad life with the least strings attached to work, it’s also an option to start a blog based on your travels, interests, and other experiences. It’s not as easy as it sounds, however, and takes as much back-end work as front-end work.

  1. Computer Programmer

The more code you know, the more valuable you are to potential clients who need to advance their business as automation and artificial intelligence becomes a larger part of operations.

  1. Marketing Manager

Being in charge of a client’s marketing means creating a brand strategy and implementing ad campaigns to generate as many leads as possible.

  1. Web Designer

Many business owners think that their website from the early 2000s is just fine, but can finally concede that they need to get with the times. All projects can be done at home and contact with the client can be done over the phone or online.

  1. Translator

Speaking multiple languages can get you work translating written and spoken word. Additionally, you can also teach languages!

  1. Customer Support

Websites often have an option to instantly message a representative for help with the site or other inquiries. After getting to know your company and all of its protocols, you can either help customers via instant messaging or over the phone – all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Accountant/Bookkeeper

It takes a lot of patience and trust to be responsible for the books. With previous experience in accounting, you can take on clients during the tax season. You can always increase you workload through good rapport and relationships with clients that’ll make them more likely to recommend you to others.