The Top Industries Where Businesses Hire Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

The Top Industries Where Businesses Hire Digital Nomads and Remote Workers


Living life as a digital nomad is easy in this day and age. All you need is a laptop, accessible Wi-Fi, and a comfortable place to work – anywhere in the world if you choose. Not all careers are ideal for remote work like plumbing, contracting, or mechanics. But many other professional industries are capable and ready to hire remote workers as a convenient and cost-efficient option to get work done. Looking at your skill sets, you can find which business hire digital nomads and find a job posting right for you!

Top Industries That Hire Remote Workers

For the most part, many companies that heavily rely or entirely on the Internet to operate are always looking for remote workers. Finding out which kind of businesses hire remote workers is getting easier over time with working from home being the biggest workplace trend happening in 2020. See if you fall into any of these industries and then check out the companies hiring!


Especially during the pandemic lockdown, the healthcare sector is always offering opportunities that are support-based. Services such as telemedicine are in high demand as many people avoid visiting the emergency room. Qualifications for these positions require a high degree of education and training in medicine. With an aging population, the demand for healthcare workers will be on the rise.


The main goal for any business is for customers to use their services and products making sales a high priority. A position that doesn’t require an office, remote salespersons can perform calls and follow leads from home. There may also be some travel to visit potential clients.

Customer Support

During times of physical distancing as well as without it, customers can struggle to use new apps or web-based services. As customer support, you can offer help and advice via telephone, instant message via the website, or e-mail. Depending on your interests and background, you can find a suitable customer support position with a range of industries needing customer support.

Account Management

Business owners have a lot on their plates and can’t manage every account they have. They reach out for remote workers to be a virtual manager to be responsible for maintaining client relationships through support, training, and customer service.


Companies are always looking to improve their operations with the best strategy possible. Consultants work with management to find ways to save money and improve operations in the most cost-effective way possible to increase revenue.


Teachers can take their experience and assist students online as more educational tools come out to reach more students around the world. This can range from being an elementary school-aged tutor all the way to being a professor.

The Online Workforce on the Rise

Even before the pandemic, remote working positions have become more popular with more people opting to work from home or as a digital nomad. Not only is it a more convenient option to work without an office, it’s a whole new experience where you’re your own manager!