Countries that Digital Nomads will Love in 2020

Countries that Digital Nomads will Love in 2020


Thanks to technology, the digital nomad dream of working anywhere in the world is attainable! But you have to keep some things in mind about where you are going to work.

Things like visa requirements, lifestyle, overall quality of life, and estimated cost of living. Other important things are activities in the region, and the level of technology and infrastructure.

Here are our top 5 picks for places that support the digital nomad life:

1. Estonia

Surprisingly, Estonia is one of the world’s most advanced digital societies, and they make it easy for non-residents to start up businesses there.

The city of Tallinn is a lively city with lots of nightlife, and a relatively low cost of living. The cost of accommodation can be expensive, however, and meals are not the cheapest in Europe, and the winters can be quite cold.

2. Thailand

Besides being beautiful, Thailand offers short-term housing rentals, cheap food and 24-hour cafes to work in.

Chiang Mai has a great number of co-working spaces and is the most affordable Thai city.

When you’re not working, there is a lot to see, like ancient temples and natural spaces, with free yoga sessions throughout the city.

Be aware that there is a lot of heat and humidity.

3. Spain

Spain offers an excellent all year-round destination in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is part of the Canary Islands. The established expat community is welcoming to new nomad arrivals.

The cost of living is low, and there is a lot of scenery and a lively nightlife.

The expense of accommodation is a bit high, thanks to the popularity of Las Palmas for tourists. But there are a lot of accommodations available, depending on your needs.

There is also a lot of co-working hub availability that offers very high-speed WiFi.

Weather is one of Las Palmas main selling points. Even at the height of summer, it doesn’t often go above 82 degrees, while the rest of the year it is between 70 and 77 degrees.

Note that it can be crowded in July and August.

4. Mexico

The top cities to work from in Mexico are Mexico City, Oaxaca and Playa del Carmen. Mexico City is becoming known as a hub for start-ups.

The cost of living in Mexico City is variable. Living space is mid-range, but you can always save money on street food.

On your off time you can check out the historical sights and architecture.

Oaxaca is for those who prefer beaches, and is easily accessible because of its nearby airport. Playa del Carmen is also a beach town, and is known for its food.

5. Vietnam

The city of Ho Chi Min has free WiFi throughout! And this vibrant city is a new hot spot for start-up companies.

The cost of living is good, thanks mostly to the low cost of food. The city even has mixers for digital nomads, so that you can easily find friends.

With places like this in the world, it is easy to be a digital nomad!