Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Worth It

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Worth It


You’ve likely heard many times that we live in a gig economy: a time of temporary and flexible work. This is great for those who want to branch out on their own, take control of their business and work on their own terms. If you have an interest, a skill or a passion that you have always wanted to pursue as a full-time job, now is the time. Being an entrepreneur has never been so easy, or so worth it.

Embrace your Passion

You can become an entrepreneur in just about anything. Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, a graphic designer, a digital marketer, even a teacher, you can shape your business around your interests. Even if you need to take some jobs at the start that don’t interest you too much, as you build your reputation and expertise, you’ll be able to choose between jobs that truly appeal to you.


Employee happiness is a big area of research, and it may be no surprise that what makes people most happy at work are important parts of being an entrepreneur. According to the Positive Psychology Program, happiness at work is affected by such things as autonomy and decision making, scope for innovation and creativity, challenges and diversity of tasks, and work-life balance.

As an entrepreneur in control of your business, you have the autonomy and decision-making powers that you might not have as an employee at a large corporation. You have the ability to innovate and create as you see fit, and you are faced with challenges and different tasks as you take on different projects that interest you.


Forget the nine-to-five workday. As an entrepreneur you get to make your own hours—and if you want those to be nine-to-five anyways, all power to you! Choose the hours you want to work to create the best work-life balance for you. Also helpful is choosing whether you want to work remotely or with others. Everyone has a different work style, and being an entrepreneur allows you to embrace yours.

Another way that being an entrepreneur offers flexibility is by offering a safety net when you find yourself between jobs. It allows you to take your time when searching for new full-time work you are interested in. Instead of rushing into the next position that will offer you a living, do some gig work while waiting to find the right job for you.

Policies and Work Culture

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Worth It

As an entrepreneur, you will never again have to work in an office whose culture, principles or policies you do not agree with. You are free to decide how you want your workplace to function, and to decide who you want to enter that workspace.


Businesses are not lost on the benefits of the gig economy. In fact, they truly value entrepreneurs. Many companies today are looking to hire contract workers for specific jobs to cut costs, so finding work as an entrepreneur has never been easier. While starting out may come with some misses, as your business and reputation grow, so too will the opportunities coming your way.