Must Have Gadgets for Today’s Digital Nomad


Technology plays a significant role in any digital nomad’s life, and one of the key features that makes this lifestyle possible is the consistent reliability on technological improvements. We can travel and work from anywhere because we have access to the Internet everywhere we go. Or do we?

As a digital nomad, you are always on the lookout for the perfect gadget to help make sure you stay connected, so here are the top four gadgets you can’t travel without if you want to work remotely — and successfully.


Must Have Gadgets for Todays Digital Nomad

Are you tired of connecting to slow public Wi-Fi? Or having no Wi-Fi at all? Does it affect your work productivity? Then bring your own.

A mobile hotspot — whether connected to the latest Android phone, or used as a device on its own is robust, secure and fast, and will make your work away from home more pleasurable. It works by converting the LTE connection to Wi-Fi that your laptop or computer can use.

Yes, the majority of us have hotspots on our phone, so why carry a mobile hotspot? It’s faster, and more efficient compared to connecting through your cell phone’s hotspot. Don’t forget to pack one, if you are travelling and working at the same time. Here are few best mobile hotspots of 2019.


If you are a digital nomad like me, then there is a possibility you are spending a lot of time on your electronic devices especially laptops. The majority of us feel hunched backs, or neck pain while working on our laptops due to odd sitting positions.

To ease this, an adjustable laptop stand can be a lifesaver. You can get lightweight, and slim laptop stands that will make it easier for you to get your work done from anywhere — without sacrificing your posture.


Must Have Gadgets for Todays Digital Nomad

Universal adapter plugs are an absolute necessity if you are planning on spending a lot of time on the road. Countries have different outlet designs, so it only makes sense to carry a universal adapter plug, so you can always keep your devices charged up and ready to use. 


When you are always wandering around, but there is also work to be done, then it’s a smart investment to carry a power bank along with you. Not all places will have electric outlets, and without a power bank, it might be challenging to complete projects or communicate with your clients.

A power bank will keep your devices fully charged, and you can easily use them when needed, and then simply recharge them when you’re back at your hotel. There are various models on the market to choose from, but be sure to invest in one you can rely on to hold charge throughout the day.

If you’re a digital nomad working on the road, remember that when all is said and done, make sure to invest in the tech products that are comfortable, and will help you get your work done. You will be thankful down the road.