Fight the Summer Slump while Working at Home or Abroad


Whether you are a full-time employee or an intern, chances are, you’ve caught yourself daydreaming. It’s easy to do when the weather turns warm and sunny. Studies have shown that worker productivity slumps during the spring and summer, and it does to a greater or lesser extent affect our ability to work.

If you’re working at home or abroad (and the weather is just too good to be true), here are some easy tech solutions to help you get through your day and enjoy the weather without slacking off on the job.


As it gets hotter outside, it’s quite common for office spaces to turn the AC way up in an attempt to beat the heat.

This can also be true if you’re working from a shared workspace or even remotely from home.

Believe it or not, when the temperature dips, it’s easy to feel lazy or lackadaisical, and it can become nearly impossible to focus on work. Try to keep the temperature at a comfortable range (68-76 degrees is typically where you want to keep the thermostat). If you are working at the office, then carry extra layering because many workspaces operate at near-freezing temperatures.

If you work from home, consider a Smart Thermostat that lets you control the temperature remotely.


Desk clutter is an added stress at work. It can cause anxiety and even demotivate you at work. So, clean up — as studies show less clutter means sounder mental health. If you need help, consider these desk organization tips.

Fight the Summer Slump while Working at Home or Abroad


Make a to-do list. Be organized and consistent, and maximize your time. If you set your own hours, having a more efficient work day can free you up to enjoy the sunshine a bit more.

This is especially true if you’re a digital nomad travelling the world for work.

If so, schedule your meals, and make time for fun as well as work. Work-life balance is important and it pays to work to your natural schedule. Alter your 8 hour day so you work more in the evenings so that you can enjoy the Malaysian sun or the Hawaiian ocean breeze.

Invest in a digital organizer to help you stay on track and you’ll be maximizing your time in the sun with ease.


Fight the Summer Slump while Working at Home or Abroad

At the end of the day if you’re not happy, then people around you won’t be, so make time for yourself. Do something that you will enjoy to keep your mind calm and keen. Exercise is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit.

Exercise also helps with concentration. So, start your day with some exercise — even 15 minutes goes a long way to increasing your overall productivity throughout the day — and keep track with the easy-to-use FitBit.

Meditation or yoga is also a great way to relax your mind and improve your concentration, or read a book during your commute or before going to bed. Only an avid reader knows the difference a book can make.

Achieving work-life balance is key — especially for digital nomads travelling the world. Remember, it’s all about staying mindful and making a commitment to a more present, active lifestyle.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Whichever way you choose to stay motivated this summer season, we wish you good luck. We know you can fight the laziness and put your best foot forward, and hopefully, these tips will motivate you to be your best self this season.