Some of the Top Industries for Digital Nomads

digital nomads


The digital nomad lifestyle is growing in popularity, with many people choosing to make traveling for work a priority. The digital nomad lifestyle lets you work from anywhere you can get an internet connection. There is a certain freedom associated with it that you don’t often see with your typical 9-5 jobs.

However, it can be tough to find the industry that feels like the right fit. Below are some of the more common industries in which aspiring digital nomads can thrive.

Web/App Development

The majority of work as a developer—aside from certain companies and government sectors—is done remotely. The culture of work in the tech industry prioritizes working remotely. Additionally, all the necessary tools and programs are available on either the computer or the cloud, so there’s no need to go to a certain location. It’s also not a client-facing job, so there are no strict hours that need to be followed. Additionally, considering the way technologies are advancing, and the fact that more and more jobs are moving to online-only, the demand for developers is increasing.


Thanks to the rise in online shopping, it’s getting easier and easier to get into online entrepreneurship.  Additionally, with drop shipping—when a retailer sends a customer’s order directly to the manufacturer/wholesaler—it’s not even necessary to maintain a physical inventory. It allows entrepreneurs to act as a third-party of sorts between the manufacturer and the customer without having to keep a physical stock.

Online Marketing

With the rise in online shopping, it only makes sense that online marketing has to grow with it. With such a high volume of traffic coming from search engines, SEO is becoming extremely necessary for businesses. Many online marketing positions are contract positions and allow contractors to work from anywhere to complete the project.


Similar to marketing, copywriting is writing content that is intended to persuade people, often to buy things. However, unlike many marketing jobs, compensation isn’t dependent on sales. Additionally, developing a skill as a copywriter can translate to other areas including monetized blogging and marketing.

Web/Graphic Design

Similar to web development, web/graphic design can involve coding. However, it has much more of a creative aspect to it (particularly graphic design)—frequently it involves creating an image, or logo, so it is better suited to people who thrive in situations that demand creativity.


The ability to shoot quality pictures is an underrated skill—so many industries require images and photographs to survive and thrive. Additionally, a career as a photographer provides the opportunity to go to different places, and shoot different sorts of events—there is a lot of opportunity for variety.