Key Software Companies Need to Keep Communications Confidential

Key Software Companies Need to Keep Communications Confidential


No business can afford to ignore cybersecurity. As the media keeps pumping out stories about the latest privacy breaches affecting multinational corporations and prominent political parties, there’s a greater awareness of just how rampant the problem truly is. However, this awareness isn’t always translating to a proportionate response.

Many top executives at major corporations still discuss important business through emails and SMS chat messages. This cavalier attitude should be surprising, but small business owners often behave the same way, and while these stories seldom make the headlines, cybercriminals like smaller targets that don’t have the same resources to invest into security.

One of the most effective tools to keep your business conversations private and secure is the encrypted smartphone, which really does provide the level of security this moment demands. Here are three ways encrypted smartphones offer cybersecurity that matches the threat.

1.    Keep it Confidential

Despite how commonly they are used, SMS chat messages and emails can easily be intercepted by third parties, such as hackers, governments, or surveillance agencies. Anybody bent on accessing these messages finds the sophisticated tools to do so, and is always one step ahead in the quest to bypass conventional digital protections.

Encryption is different: even if the message were intercepted by a third party, it couldn’t be deciphered. Encrypted smartphones use a sophisticated technology that embeds electronic keys that are used to decrypt messages, and no hacker can read the message unless they have the right key. Smartphones that have end-to-end encryption have the key permanently inside the device, so it’s impossible to break the encryption.

2.    Encrypted Smartphones are Tamper-Proof

While a lot of attention is paid to securing digital communications, another important area of concern is making the phones impossible to get inside if the device itself is stolen. If your phone is stolen, can a thief freely browse through the phone?

Some encryption software is prone to such vulnerabilities — it’s essential that text message encryption software you choose should be immune to both physical and electronic hacking.

Encryption software with CAMP (ChatMail’s Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol) allows users to set duress passwords — this enables users to destroy information automatically should their phone be tampered with. If the phone doesn’t store information on an external server but only inside the phone itself, the phone is virtually impossible to hack manually or digitally.

3.    Easy to Use

Encryption technology has existed for years but, for good reason, there’s a lingering perception that it’s difficult and time-consuming to use. Historically, encryption software did indeed significantly reduce what the phone was capable of doing, but modern encryption technology lets the user send and receive chat messages, image messages, and voice messages. Moreover, the interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to operate for non-tech users.

The number of stories in the media about hacks and security breaches would surely be reduced if more companies and organizations used complete end-to-end encryption technology. You should adopt this technology immediately if you want to keep your business out of the headlines for the wrong reasons