7 Benefits of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

benefits of working remotely


Many people want to travel, but it is hard to sustain a life of travel without also working. That’s why the digital nomadic lifestyle is really taking off. Imagine setting yourself up on a beach or in the mountains of a distant country, getting away from the 9-to-5 grind, and doing what you love. Here are seven benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle that might just convince you to start off on your own work-travel journey.

1. Transformative Travel

Transformative travel” means more than simply going to see a new place; it means to experience it deeply and let it affect you personally, as well as shape your world view and values. The digital nomad lifestyle and living in a different country rather than simply visiting for a week on vacation can lead you to this deeper form of travel.

2. Community

You will find yourself immersed not only in a large community of digital nomads but also with locals and other expats in the countries you visit. Connecting with these like-minded people has never been easier, with many Facebook and meetup communities facilitating networking and finding new friends.

3. Less Stress

Okay, so this one depends on how much you work and how you schedule it; however, as a digital nomad, you will likely be working on something you enjoy, in a space you choose, with people you want to be around. The stresses of the traditional workplace are practically eliminated when you become your own boss.

4. Flexibility

You get to make the decisions on your schedule, clients, and projects, all factors you can amend as your life and plans change. If you want to travel for a few days and work more on others, there’s no need to request vacation days. If you want to take the afternoon off, no one will say no. It’s all in your hands.

6. Financial Benefits

That’s right, you can make more money as a digital nomad. If you are making money working for an American company with American wages but living in a country with a lower cost of living, your savings will build up faster than you realize. You may choose to spend that money on travelling, but hey, isn’t that what you are saving for?

5. Enjoy Your Job

Becoming a digital nomad is all about doing what you love! You choose your services and projects, and you get to work with people you want to work with. Love your job and feel more motivated to do it!

7. Enjoy Life

When you love your job, when you don’t need to sit in one artificially lit office all day five days a week, and when you can choose when you want to work, work will become a more enjoyable part of life. You may even have fun doing it. Plus, as there will be no need to think every day about when you can go on your next vacation, you can start enjoying the every-day moments of your life abroad.