Spotlight on Vietnam – The New Digital Nomad Hotspot

Woking in Vietnam


For friendly people, vibrant culture, good food and great networking opportunities, Vietnam is one of the best places in the world to be a digital nomad. Finding accommodation is never a problem, the cost of living is cheap, and there are always great new ways to explore Vietnam with your new local and digital nomad friends. For reasons you should travel to Vietnam, and where to go for your digital nomad beginnings, read on!


Vietnam is a great choice for the price-conscious adventurer, and for those who are not fans of paperwork. One the country switched to an online visa application system, getting a one-year tourist or work visa became a cinch.


Digital nomads will also be happy to know that the internet is abundant and fast in Vietnam. It is one of the most well-connected countries in the world, especially as an up-and-coming tech hub.

Popular Digital Nomad Cities

Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC—although often still called by its old name, Saigon—is Vietnam’s largest city. It is also the city in which you are most likely to find other nomads as well as opportunities for work and travel. Co-work spaces and cafes abound so you can find the perfect atmosphere to get your work done.

Finding accommodation is also as simple as walking along the streets of District 1 to find places for rent and speaking there to the proprietor. District 1 is also seen as the best place to get your foot in the door before may be moving on to districts 2 and 3. For developing your business, networking with others in the field and meeting like-minded people, Ho Chi Minh City is the best place you’ll find.

Da Nang

For a quieter city with less traffic and noise, Da Nang is a popular choice among nomads in Vietnam. This coastal city includes a wide selection of workspaces and the opportunity to meet other digital nomads while also providing the advantages of a smaller city. In addition, if you are into surfboarding or watersports of any kind, this is the place to be. For more Da Nang stats, check out this site.

Hoi An

This is another popular city among expats, backpackers and digital nomads, but it is certainly much quieter and less eventful than HCMC or Danang. It is a picturesque city with great food and places to work. It is perfect if you are looking for a cheap, quiet city to concentrate on getting work done.

Where to Get Work Done

Workspaces in Vietnam, whether cafes or co-work spaces are many and well serviced. Internet will never be a problem, cellphone service is fantastic, and as one of the largest coffee exporters in the world, the java is some of the best you will find.

There are also many expat and digital nomad groups for you to join, either to find coworkers or people to hang out within your off time. With so much nature and culture to explore in Vietnam, there will never be a dull moment when it becomes your home-away-from-home.