Never Stop Learning – How Online Resources Help You Further Your Career

online tools to boost your career


It is never too late to learn something new. If you are feeling stagnant in your career, there are many online resources to help you refine your skills and boost your qualifications. Check out these free online learning guides and information sites that will help you increase your skillset and further your career.

Learn a New Language

If you work with the public in any way, you’ve probably realized the importance of knowing more than one language. Your ability to serve people will increase as you learn languages, as will your promotability. Here are some websites that offer free programs to learn a new language:

Online Courses

There are many free course sites that will help you gain new knowledge or brush up on old subjects. Khan Academy offers courses from Grade 1 to Graduate Studies to LSAT and GMAT preparation, and in subjects like math, computer science, humanities and more. For learning something new or brushing up on what you learned in high school, this is a great resource that is 100% free.

Another great option is iTunes U. That’s right, even Apple is getting in on offering free courses, some from America’s top universities. All you need is the iTunes app and you are ready to learn wherever, whenever.


The internet has made it easier to connect with people around the world, and easier to find people in your field who can help you shape your career. Set up a profile on LinkedIn and connect with colleagues and others in your field. Go on to find get-togethers that will expand your network. Even Facebook groups can be helpful in finding a group of people who share your career interests.

Find a Professional Community

Maybe you don’t want to learn more about your career topic but need some guidance in the professional workspace. Fairygodboss is a website designed for women in the workplace to ask questions, find support for professional problems and workplace issues, and search for job postings. Whatever your career or desired community, a simple google search will help you find a virtual meeting ground of like-minded people who can give you advice and support on your career path.

Career Planning

If you are still mapping out where you would like to go with your career, there are online resources to help you plan the career path that works for you. The National Career Development Association has compiled a list of websites to help guide you in your professional journey, from graduation to retirement. Their database includes industry-specific information and helpful statistics such as employment trends.

Change Careers

Maybe you’ve decided the career you’ve settled into isn’t the one for you. Many websites besides simple job-search boards will guide you in the process of finding and building a new career. Look for websites that will help you determine the logistics of switching careers and make it as smooth a process as possible.