Essential Gear and Gadgets for Every Traveller

travel gear tips


It’s been scientifically proven that vacations make us happier, healthier, more productive people. So why aren’t we flocking to beaches and cottages by the number? The truth is that vacation can be stressful, expensive, and sometimes we just don’t have the flexibility with our work policies.

But even on a small budget, it’s possible to take some time for yourself and steal away a few days for a much-needed break. While traveling can certainly be expensive, we’re here to tell you that travel doesn’t have to break your wallet at all. Any budget can be adapted and modified to make room for vacation. Once you’re ready to take flight, you’ll have to think of what to bring with you. Here are some travel essentials that you should definitely have on hand for your upcoming vacation.

Neck Pillow

Our necks are more sensitive than we think! Anyone who has ever woken up with a kink in their neck that makes it painful to turn their head around knows how annoying and frustrating it can be to have limited mobility from neck pain. When you travel with a neck pillow, you give yourself the support you need to rest comfortably when sitting on your plane, train, or automobile.

Portable Power Bank

Whether you’re a tech whiz who always had their favourite gadget on hand or a reluctant cell phone user who is always trying to figure out how to use their phone, you should have a power bank on you just in case you need to charge your electronics on the go. These days smartphones can serve as travel companions and lifesavers thanks to their GPS functions, which means that one dead battery can end up costing you hours of travel time as you try to get your bearings.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Anyone who’s ever been on a plane or bus that just felt like it was lasting forever can appreciate the value of noise-cancelling headphones. If you are an especially light traveller, you might want to opt for noise-cancelling earbuds instead, since they take up less space in your luggage. Either way, the option to drown out the noise of the rattling window or crying baby is a must-have for anyone who likes to travel in comfort.

Zipper Cubes

As all expert planners know, nothing beats the feeling of being prepared. One excellent way to make sure you’ve got all your smaller personal items exactly where you need them is by using durable zipper cubes to contain and organize the items in your suitcase. Also known as packing cubes, they come in various sizes with different pocket and pouch configurations to meet every need that you could have of them.

First Aid Kit

Your health is of the utmost importance for the success of your trip. If you know you’re sensitive to certain foods, pack antacids. If you’re feeling run down before you leave, pack some cold medicine or throat lozenges.

Of course, make sure that your first aid kit meets the travel requirements for the type of luggage you’re using. You might have to make some compromises with certain liquids and creams, but it’s better than having to throw out essential items at the airport. The same applies to all of your other travel essentials. Plan ahead and prepare accordingly and you can take to your travels ready for anything. Bon, voyage!