Modern Tech Your Restaurant Needs: Employee Scheduling Software


The technological explosion of the last couple of decades has changed the way business is conducted in many industries, and the restaurant industry has been affected as much as any other. When you think of how restaurants are changing you might consider the advent of something like food delivery apps, but actually there’s a technology that may not be a household name that’s quietly transforming how restaurants manage their kitchen — employee scheduling software.

Keep reading to see how savvy restaurants are using the latest tech to run their kitchens.


Reflexive Schedules, Quickly


Any workspace that involves so many people working long hours needs help keeping organized, and this is employee scheduling software’s primary function. This software can help you get schedules that all your employees will love in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take.


The cloud-based app makes it easy for managers to stay on top of staffing remotely — they can see who is in that day, and even check attendance reports that confirm who was working and for how long they worked.


Even the amount of calling and text messaging that used to be required to help create schedules gets reduced by as much as 70%, and directly results in a 1-3% reduction in labor costs. The schedules are also better, and the ease with which employees and managers can connect makes this software a crucial addition to any restaurant looking for modern efficiency; there are lots of other ways this software can help your restaurant, so read this to learn more.


Manager Log Books


Employee scheduling software goes beyond what its name suggests. It provides actionable intelligence that managers and executives need about every aspect of your restaurant. Running a kitchen is easy when you know in real time how your restaurant is faring.


Statistics like labor costs, total sales, and weather (especially important for restaurants with a patio) are presented on the dashboard clearly in a way which makes it easy to compare and contrast against past data. You can also make custom stats that track whatever information matters to your restaurant.


Employee scheduling software even includes feedback from staff in each report — the combination of hard data and first-hand reports from your frontline staff’s eyes and ears gives you a truly aerial view of everything going on in your restaurant.


Efficient Messaging Tools


Keep your team informed but never overwhelmed by too much messaging with employee scheduling software’s efficient messaging tools. If managers need to communicate something to all their employees, or a specific team, they can send an “announcement.”


This is a one-way message that reaches its target but doesn’t allow people to respond: you can inform everyone about a new lunch special, for example, without worrying that it’ll devolve into a time-consuming email chain.


Modern restaurants need the latest tools on the market so their managers can stay informed about everything going on, from the cash register to the kitchen. Employee scheduling software may not be known to people outside the industry, but it’s already transformed how restaurants across North America run their business and their kitchen.