How to Drop Everything and Move Away to Travel

How to Drop Everything and Move Away to Travel


Who hasn’t fantasized about leaving their home life behind to pick up in a new and exciting country, and reinvent themselves? On the one hand, it’s a bold move because you’re already situated among your friends, family and work, so leaving them all behind for a time can be difficult.


On the other, there are companies that only exist to help facilitate the experience for you, so that making this giant leap is actually surprisingly easy. If you connect with the right company, you will get help landing a job to teach in Korea or other exciting places, and the transition will be effortlessly smooth.


Read on to learn about what to look for in a company that helps you drop everything at home to travel abroad.


Resources and Experience


Before you embark on your journey there are logistics to handle, and having an experienced company with sufficient resources will be a great help to you. For example, it’s hard to find yourself a clean, comfortable, and convenient place to live abroad if you’re never stepped foot in that country before, let alone that neighbourhood.



Not only will the best companies schedule and pay for all your airfare, they know the area where you’ll be working and living in — having them to rely on saves you time and headaches, and ultimately gets you a better result. The best travel recruitment companies will be there on the ground when you land to ensure you get acclimatized quickly with your new surroundings, and they’ll also give you guidance and support in the classroom as you progress as an ESL teacher.


Unofficial Cultural Ambassador


Language is one of the most important aspects of a country’s culture, and imparting it to students is a meaningful and satisfying job. You’ll be bridging a divide between your home culture and your new adoptive home, and you’ll enjoy this rewarding feeling.


Apart from sharing languages and broadening minds, teaching ESL opens up new opportunities, as the ability to speak and understand English usually leads to higher-paying jobs.


Places to Explore, Everywhere


You’ll eventually get time off from your work, which will let you explore places near and far. You may be tired from work, and perhaps spending time in your city or neighbourhood feels particularly appealing.


But for North Americans now living in a far-flung Asian country, it means that other countries which normally take a lot of time and money to get to suddenly require less of both. You can use your new home location as a launching pad from which to travel, and complement your long-form travel in one location by broadening out to other nearby places of interest.


It’s important to do things which you’ll never forget in your later years. It is always easier to remain at home in comfort, but taking the plunge to drop it all behind and move and work abroad has never been so easy before. Just make sure you select the right travel recruitment company, and you’ll be all set to have the trip of a lifetime.