Get Great Deals to Popular Destinations this Fall


The most popular travel destinations for Canadians are the United States, Mexico and Cuba. We’ve listed cities within those countries that are easy to get to and easy on the wallet:

Myrtle Beach, U.S.A.

The beachfront at Myrtle Beach is among the cheapest in the U.S. Accommodations are so affordable that it makes a good place to go with the whole family.

There are a variety of attractions to keep everyone happy, and many are free!

Las Vegas, U.S.A.

It’s cheap. It’s easy and fast to get to. It’s Las Vegas!

Las Vegas offers low hotel prices in hopes that you will gamble. If you can resist the lure of the cards, dice and tables, you will come out ahead. You can find good food prices if you take the time to do research.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Though a popular vacation spot, it still retains its Mexican culture and the restaurants and accommodation fit your budget. Easy access to other spots nearby like La Cruz and Nuevo Vallarta means that there can be many vacation experiences in one vacation.

Hotels that are reasonably priced, but 5-star hotels there have been known to give deals up to 70% off.

Merida, Mexico

Merida is no beach destination. It’s a city that will keep you busy with so many things to do and see. It is located close to the Yucatan Peninsula, that boasts Mayan ruins, and other cultural attractions.

Part of those attractions are the local markets and places to enjoy the local, diverse dishes. Merida is known for its food!

Havana, Cuba

The city is fun and full of colour and music. If you want to get away, the beaches are just 20k out of town.

Watch where the locals go to eat and join them. The food will be great, and cheap.

Great Deals to Popular Destinations this Fall

No matter where you go, airfare represents a big chunk of your travel budget. Here’s how to find the best deals on fall flights.

Avoid High Season

Travelling in fall already gives you an advantage in flight prices, because it is not high season for travel. Shoulder season, between high and low in September through October, and low season November through March (excluding holidays like Christmas).

Travel Midweek and at Off Times for Lower Prices

Many people have to wait until the weekend to travel, and the airlines know this, and hike prices accordingly. Early morning and late evening flights are the last to book up because the timings of the flight are less desirable.

Explore Different Destinations and Compare Prices

Google Flights is an excellent tool that enables you to check out destinations all over the world and get an idea of how much it will cost. Just search for Google Flights and click on the map provided and compare away!

Sign Up to be Aware of any Special Deals

Sign up to mailing lists from airlines and search engines and be on top of any last-minute or special deals and updates. It’s worth the cluttered inbox!

Happy Travels!