The Best Cuban Beaches to Visit for Winter Getaways

The Top 5 Best Beaches to Visit for you Trip to Cuba


Living in the Northern Hemisphere can be tough. With only a few months of sunshine, you can easily catch the winter blues and dream of relaxing on a gorgeous beach listening to the waves. Well, you should make that dream a reality and beat the winter blues in Cuba. As the largest island in the Caribbean, it has over 430 beaches to visit with many of them a part of popular all-inclusive resorts.

Take photos at these stock-image like scenic beaches and show them off to your friends and family still dealing with the cold! Add these Cuban beaches to your list of must-see beaches!

1.    Varadero Beach

The largest and most popular beach in Cuba is Varadero Beach. About two hours away from Havana, Varadero Beach, also known as Playa Azul, is a part of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Many stock images of beaches come from this here and for good reason – the powdery white sand and shimmering blue water.

2.    Cayo Largo

For a vacation that really feels like you’re completely cut off from the regular, stressful world, visit Cayo Largo. This area’s beaches are untouched by commercialization, essentially completely natural. And this natural paradise gives visitors a deserted, peaceful place to unwind and enjoy themselves.

3.    Playa Pilar

Cuba’s most beautiful beach, Playa Pilar has it all – the white sand, warm waters, and a peaceful atmosphere. Literary fans will nerd-out when they learn that Ernest Hemingway made this beach his hideaway. He was said to spend his days searching for WWII German U-Boats. For the non-literary nerds, you can be excited for the 12 000 flamingos that gather on the island.

4.    Cayo Santa Maria

Former prime minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro, claimed that Cayo Santa Maria was superior to Varadero Beach. It holds up to the reputation since there’s little to do other than relax on the beach. The natural beaches, Jardines del Rey, hold much importance as a home to rare bird species, unique natural formations, and its quiet waters.

5.    Chivirico

If you want a special experience in Cuba, stray off the beaten path of all-inclusive resorts towards the small town of Chivirico. This small town has black sand beaches, which perfect for an Instagram shot and it’s surrounded by dense forest. Enjoy the country life with warm, local hospitality, quaint vistas, and adventures like biking and hiking.

A Beach Holiday in Cuba

Remember, these are only 5 beaches out of 430! There are hundreds more for you to consider and explore for your winter getaway. You can choose a beach based on its popularity, its sand, its activities, and even its overall aesthetics.

Plan your vacation according to how you want to beach hop. You can alternate between visiting adventurous beaches and relaxing beaches or split your trip in half for adventure and relaxing. It’s all up to you! Or you can choose the easiest option – an all-inclusive resort that provides everything you need and more. Then you can look forward to a trip where your only priority is to relax and eat.