5 Cities Around the World That Street Foodies Will Love

5 Cities Around the World That Street Foodies Will Love


Some people love to travel while others prefer to keep themselves comfortable at home. Some people travel as an escape from the mundane day to day life, some people travel for some rest and relaxation, and other people travel to discover new things. The same can be said for foodie travelers. With food as the priority, they let their stomachs do the choosing.

Traveling for food can be done in a few ways. One way is to choose a popular destination and then find the best places to eat. Another way to choose is through a type of food – where can I eat the best (dish)? – then go from there. And just like genres, there are different styles of cuisine – fine dining, casual, fast food, dessert, cafes, and street food.

The best part about cities that are known for their food stalls is that you can go anywhere and find something good to eat and it’s made fresh right in front of you.

Use this tiny global dining guide to decide which of the best food cities in the world to visit!

1.    Bangkok, Thailand

Everywhere you go, there are probably several street vendors catering to the hungry people of the streets. In the morning, enjoy a simple meal of bean curd with soy milk on the side and then rice and chicken for lunch. Visit Bangkok’s Chinatown known for its delicious “yarowat,” a crispy-fried mussel pancake. You can have a dish in mind to direct your trip or just go somewhere and try what you find there.

2.    Hong Kong

A popular weekend activity in Hong Kong is to visit different districts and enjoy the street food. Michelin even chose Hong Kong to make their first street food guide! Visit Shau Kei Wan Main Street East and Kowloon City and walk the streets trying local foods all day long.

3.    Marrakech, Morocco

Travel to Marrakech, Morocco for street food of great quality and diversity. You can wander and eat all kinds of food from fresh fruit juices, snail soup, to sheep heads. The food is plentiful as well as affordable. You can wait in line smelling the delicious aroma surrounding you. The people of Marrakech are known for their sweet tooth, so if you’re the same, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

4.    Cartagena, Columbia

Enjoy a scenic and delicious foodie trip in Cartagena, Columbia. Surrounded by picturesque beaches and historical architecture, you can eat arepas, a cornbread/pancake filled with cheese and eggs as well as butter during the day. At the end of the day, hang out at the Plaza de Trinidad for mango pulp and vodka.

5.    Beijing, China

The bustling streets of China are known for their food streets with vendors shouting at people passing by to try what they’re serving that day. But now, all of the street food stalls are organized in food courts with a convenient card with money that patrons can load and spend at each stall. The same smells, energy, and yelling is still there; you’ll still get the authentic experience!