Apps That Every Digital Nomad Needs as They Travel

All of the Apps That Digital Nomads Need to Download


The digital nomad life has its freedoms when it comes to what you’d call home, but it also takes a lot of management when it comes to the logistics like finances, flight tickets, lodging, and of course, completing work. That’s where the digital nature of remote work comes in handy. All kinds of apps can help you book trips, manage your money, and keep you productive and on track with your work.

Language, time zone, and private internet access apps are a must for all digital nomads traveling the world. The following apps are the technological keys that help maintain such a nomadic lifestyle:

Productivity Apps

Rescue Time

Time management is always of top priority with flexible schedules, different time zones, and multiple due dates. Rescue Time tracks your productivity levels and provides a weekly report identifying where you spend your time online.


Scientifically backed, Focus@Will provides white noise and selected music to help you concentrate and focus as you work.


Alternatively, access all kinds of music and podcasts on Spotify to listen to while you go on with your day Download anything you want to listen offline, especially for the long flights across countries.

Project Management Apps


It can be hard to keep track of what work is due when and what notes are for what. Trello makes everything neat and simple and keeps your multiple projects on the right track.


Take notes to the next level and simply add a note when you’re on the go on your phone or smart watch. Plus, you can save all sorts of files, web pages, and emails to the app for quick retrieval later.


Crossing borders gets complicated when the currency changes and the fickle exchange rate can mean spending more than you have to. Use these apps to keep your finances in order.


Xero allows you to send invoices, input receipts, store client information, approve expenses, and all in one convenient accounting app.


With a Revolut account, you can retrieve funds, transfer money globally, and set up payments free of expensive administration charges.

Currency Exchange

Popular currency exchange apps like XE Currency makes understanding payments even easier since you can actually know how much you spent that day.

Travel and Transportation Apps

The best part of remote work is that you can hop on a plane, boat, or bus to get where you need to be. Use these apps to make all of that even easier.


Book flights in a jiffy with the Hopper app that notifies you when flight prices are predicted to decrease to get the best deal. Hopper analyzes search volume and days of the week to give you accurate prices.


Gone are the days of shelling out money for hotels, now AirBnB gives you affordable, unique lodging options anywhere in the world.


A must-have transportation app for South Asia. Pay through the app or with cash to get a ride to your destination with motorbike and car options. Grab also delivers food!