How to Create Your Own Workspace and Improve Your Productivity

How to Create Your Own Workspace and Improve Your Productivity


Living life without an anchor can be exciting and freeing. There are no worries about property taxes, mortgage payments, utilities, and everything else related to conventional living. However, it does come with its challenges. No stable working environment can take a toll on your productivity levels without somewhere to focus the efforts you need to fund the way you live.

Improved Internet infrastructure and accessibility has created co-working spaces around the world where people sans offices can work, meet, and network with each other. Remote workers can admit at times that their jobs can be lonely and co-working spaces provide an opportunity to at least be around other people.

How to Focus Without an Office

With that being said, you won’t always be without a place to call your own and while you’re there, you can dedicate a space for work. Then you can create and organize your temporary work space in ways that will keep you focused and productive.

Choose a Space Based on What You Do

Freelance content creators including writers, photographers, graphic designers, and the like just need a table, chair, and their laptop. For people who work with their hands like independent mechanics, painters, photo developers, it’s important to find and use a space with the right atmosphere, loud and busy for mechanics, to quiet and calm for artists and photo developers.

The following tips and advice will be focusing on creating workspaces for those whose basic needs include: an outlet, a desk, a chair, and Internet access for their laptops.

The Ideal Workspace Has…

Having the basic needs met is the first step, but not every space that has them is the best place to do work. Make sure that:

  • There are enough outlets for charging your phone, tablet, and laptop within your reach.
  • The desk or table is stable, the right height, and has enough space for your laptop and anything else you need – cups, pencils, notebooks, calculators, a place to set your head.
  • An appropriate chair impacts your productivity more than your think. When you’re comfortable, you get more things done!
  • Internet access should be strong and consistent. Nothing’s more annoying than constant disconnections or unbearable lag.

Tips on Creating Your Own Work Space

Your private workspace should serve the purpose of getting work done while also being somewhere you want to be. When you’re reorganizing or creating your workplace, consider doing the following:

  • Marie Kondo your space: Get rid of any unnecessary clutter that can be distracting and in the way for more room for the things you do need to use.
  • Organize your items based on use: Think about every item that you use every time you work and keep those close by and neat for easier access.
  • Wire management: Over time, the number of wires can increase without you ever noticing them dangling or on the floor. You do notice when you can’t find the one you need. Find the wires you need and put away the ones you don’t.
  • Make things comfortable and fun!